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IPA - Dorade fillet, orange and tomato

IPA - Dorade fillet, orange and tomato

Ingredients for 4 people

1 tbsp mayonnaise
½ tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp Breugem IPA

500 grams of lettuce

2 oranges
Little cinnamon

1 Dorade fillet of approximately 350 grams
25 grams of butter
2 tomatoes
salt and pepper
2 tbsp pine nuts

600 grams of Charlotte potatoes
500 grams of winter carrot

200 grams of mushrooms
3 grams of cinnamon
1 gram of ground cloves
3 grams of fennel seeds
20 ml soy sauce
20 ml white natural vinegar
20 ml Breugem Saense IPA

* this recipe was devised and made by Arvid Bergström, Biersommelier and Foodpairing specialist

Preparation time 30 minutes

Preparation method
Beat the mayonnaise, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and 1 tbsp Breugem IPA into a nice creamy dressing.

Divide the lamb's lettuce over four plates, sprinkle a little of the dressing over it. Peel the orange and also remove the outer skin. Cut them into thick slices. Put two or three slices on each plate and sprinkle a little cinnamon here.

Grill the Dorade fillet in the butter until done. And cut nice slices of it. Also place this on the lamb's lettuce and next to the orange.

Now also cut thick tomatoes from the tomato and place it on the lamb's lettuce. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Now sprinkle half a cubit of pine nuts on each plate.

The fruity from the Breugem IPA fits very well with orange, tomato and cinnamon.

Enjoy your meal!

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