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The Breugem Brewery Team

The Breugem story started in 2009 by master brewer Patrick Breugem. Brewer from the very beginning. Brewing since 2004. (De Prael / De Molen / Het Veulen / De Zeven Deugden) As a born Rotterdammer, 'no-nonsense' is perfect for him. Patrick is everyone's friend. A born connector. His attitude to life form the pillars of the company. He is therefore literally the face of Breugem Bier. 

The Breugem Manifesto

Connecting – we don't really know how to do it anymore.
While it feels so good.
Walk through the park and greet everybody you meet.
Feels good right?
We can recommend it to everyone.
Throw yourself open.
Just share a High five out on the street.
Surprise someone with a Fist Bump.
And share more often Kiss.
If necessary, give two. 
Be open and accessible.
It makes life a whole lot more fun.
Breugem. Bonding Bear.


Current crew

Patrick Breugem - Brewer
Phone: +31(0) 6 14 22 84 59

Ernst Tjaden - Operations
Phone: +31 (0) 6 26 55 41 55

Hannes Willems - Marketing
Phone: +31(0) 6 54 78 02 80

Hilco Hellendoorn - Sales
Phone: +31 (0) 6 51 48 37 31

Fred Peters - Sales

Stefan Kroes - Support