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October update from Patrick Breugem

Dear craft beer lover,

These are strange times. A mysterious virus has gripped our society and as a result entrepreneurs, especially in the hospitality industry, are making it very difficult with the imposed measures. Of course it also has an impact on a small brewery like ours, but we certainly also see opportunities. We bravely brew on and on our team is working on beautiful things for the future. What also pleases us is that our colleagues from Brouwerij 't Uiltje have recently placed their IPA on the map of three-star restaurant de Librije in Zwolle. Congratulations to them and it is also a great step for the specialty beer in the Netherlands in general! 

It may have been quiet around the Brewery for a while, but that does not mean that we have been quiet. I can thank you with pride our new webshop present! With these chilly autumn days and pubs that close their doors early, it is no superfluous luxury to be assured with a few clicks of a package of beautiful Breugem beers that will be delivered directly to your living room. To celebrate this, we are giving a 15% discount on all beers in the webshop this week! So don't be a thief of your own protomonee is my advice ;-)

Of course there is still plenty of brewing and I can reveal that there are currently some classics such as the Dark IPA and the Double IPA are bubbling in the brewing barrels. So soon also available in the webshop. We also expect to present Zoentje 0.0% at the end of the year. 

In short, we have a lot to look forward to and our team is full of energy. We will regularly speak up. I will also give you a monthly update of the ins and outs at Breugem, so that you don't have to miss out on your favorite brewery from Zaandijk. 


Handtekening Patrick Breugem

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